Did you notice that your car jerks, shakes and “putts” often? This problem often worsens when accelerating up to highway speeds. Here’s five reasons why.

  • Dirty Fuel Injectors – One of The Most Common Issues: Above all, this is one of the most common reasons your car jerks when you push on the gas pedal. An engine misfire is the root problem.
  • Fuel Injector or Gas Line Clogs: When this happens, gas cannot flow through your engine. It also may not spray out with air properly. Eventually, your car might quit on you every time you enter a highway ramp or try to move after stopping.
  • Worn Spark Plugs: Sometimes, you just need to replace them. This would be one of the simplest fixes that could make your car accelerate like new again.
  • Damaged Fuel Line Parts: Affected parts possibly include the acceleration cables, carburetors, fuel pump or cylinders. Jerking starts when fuel or air flows are interrupted. If you have problems with at least one of these components, it could cause worse troubles, such as a stalled engine.
  • Dirty Air Filter: Sometimes, all you need to do is take out the air filter and remove the debris stuck on it. However, it eventually will need replacement if you want to improve engine performance.

Are engine acceleration problems getting you down?

Don’t let your engine jerk you around for much longer. Bring your car to Ferry Farm Repair and let us take a look, and we’ll get you back on the road!