Change of weather comes with a change in your car’s functionality. You wouldn’t expect your car efficiency and performance to remain the same unless you prep your vehicle for changing weather. In getting your car ready for the changing climate, the following are things you can do:

Check the Car’s Tire Treads

To prep your car to withstand the changing weather, you must first check the tire treads for wear. The easy way to tell how worn the tire treads is by placing a penny between the tire tread groove. While doing so, ensure Lincoln’s head faces you and its top isn’t visible. If you can see Lincoln’s head when the penny is in the tire treads, it’s the right time to replace the tires. You may want to get snow tires to maneuver the snowy or slippery roads seamlessly.

Check the Battery Health

Temperature changes can deteriorate weak battery cells. The most common victims are batteries that have lived for more than three years. Get the mechanic to test the battery’s health to tell you if your battery is healthy enough to withstand the changing weather.

Replace Your Car’s Windshield Blades

Windshield wiper blades have a predicted lifespan of 12 months. Not replacing the windshield blades after twelve months can make them prone to failure. Experts recommend changing your wiper blades in autumn to prep them for the snowy winter and rainy summer weather.

Woman picking up windshield wiper of a black car to change its blades

Replenish Your Emergency Kit

The change of weather comes with different emergencies. It could be sudden storms, rainfalls, strong winds, or even snow. Handling these emergencies requires you to have the right tools and supplies, and that’s why you should replenish your emergency kit. Buy jumper cables, extra warm clothes, ice scrapers, snow brush, jumper starter, medications, and more.

Getting your car ready for the rainy, snowy, or hurricane season also requires working with a trusted and reliable automatic repair and all-around towing service provider. For quality and affordable auto repair and towing services, contact our experienced and talented mechanics at Ferry Farm Repair now.