The holiday season is upon us and we all want to get the perfect gift for our loved ones. It’s hard to know what people really want, but if you have a dad who loves cars, then this list of gifts will help make your holiday shopping easier! This blog post features some great ideas for gifts that any car enthusiast would love.

1. Race jackets

A racing jacket is a stylish addition to any car lover’s wardrobe. A great race jacket can cost a few hundred dollars, but fortunately for you, if your dad loves cars he probably already has one (he needs at least three). The problem with buying an old racing jacket is that they’ve most likely lost their waterproofing and won’t keep him warm during the winter.

2. Racing Simulator

Every petrolhead wishes he could drive around the track for real, but of course, it’s not practical to do so with everyday cars. That is where a simulator comes in, it allows your dad to drive around in a wide range of exotic and classic cars without the fuss of owning an expensive car.

3. Car Race Games

If your dad already has a racing simulator, then why not get him some practice games to play? You can find lots of great games at Steam Powered that will have your dad playing around the clock!

4. Auto Repair Tools

Auto repair tools on metal table with tire on the background

Before you get started with any projects on your car, you’re going to need some tools. Your dad will most likely already have the basics (wrench, screwdrivers, etc.), but if he is serious about working on cars then we recommend an auto repair tool kit.

5. Custom Paint Job

If your dad is the type of person who likes to show off his car, then a custom paint job will do just that. There are lots of talented people out there who can take any image and turn it into a work of art on the side of your dad’s car or truck!

6. Car Vacuum Cleaner

Does your dad have a luxury or sports car with a leather interior? If so, he knows what a pain it is to clean the inside of his car. To make things easier we recommend a decent vacuum cleaner for cars that won’t break the bank.

7. Helmet Cam

A helmet is a perfect gift for any car lover. Dads can attach it to their helmets, cars, or even themselves (if they feel like acting like a hooligan) to capture some amazing footage of their automotive adventures!


This article has given you a few great ideas about the best gifts to get for your dad this holiday season. Whether he loves cars or not, we hope that our list of suggestions will help make your shopping easier and more enjoyable!