Your tires are constantly in contact with the road and can experience extreme wear and tear. When your tires are bad, you may not even realize that they are at fault. There are several key signs that can help any driver pinpoint the cause of their handling difficulties to the tires. Below, we have listed four signs that indicate that your tires need replacement.

#1: Road Vibration
If you are feeling vibrations in your steering wheel and lots of feedback from the roads, especially at high speeds, this is a strong sign that your tires are bad. You may need an alignment to correct the issue but will certainly have a toll taken on your tires if they have passed this threshold.

#2: Uneven Treadwear
Although uneven treadwear, likewise, indicates an alignment problem, there is no way to restore the integrity of damaged tires. Once they have worn down heavily on one side or in any pattern, they are no longer safe to drive on. Some of the common conditions are wear on the inner or outer side of the tire, or zig-zag patterns that indicate that the tire was not properly balanced.

#3: Cracks in the Rubber
If you see any cracks in the rubber of your tires, this means that they are past their useful age. Even if the tread looks good, they should be replaced because the rubber is breaking down and can blow out at high speeds and cause an accident.

#4: Losing Pressure
If you find that you are constantly losing air from your tires, this would indicate that the valve stem or bead isn’t sealing properly into place. It can also mean that they have very small puncture holes or wear somewhere that is slowly losing air.

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