Winter weather can be difficult and dangerous to drive in, and it’s essential that you keep your car in good working condition and ready to handle winter roads. A car that is well maintained is better equipped to meet severe weather challenges and tackle long months of bitter elements.

Here are 5 basic (but essential) tips to get your car ready to handle all of winter’s rain, slush, snow, and ice:

1. Top Off The Gas

As the temperatures drop, you should keep plenty of gas in your tank. Winter often means heavy snow, slow-moving traffic, and facility closures. Make sure you always have enough gasoline to reach your destination.

2. Accelerate Slowly to Keep Moving Forward

Accidents happen when the roads are slick with snow and ice. If you find yourself stuck, straighten your wheels and slowly depress the gas pedal. Avoid spinning your vehicle’s tires. This will dig them deeper into the snow and make it harder to get free.

3. Maintain Your Car’s Weather Safety Devices

Windshield wipers and windshield washer fluid are two parts of a safety system that give you a clear vision of the road during bad weather. Replace worn blades, and check your washer fluid level regularly to ensure these items are working properly.

4. Keep Your Headlights and Taillights Clean

As a driver, you need to see as far ahead of you as possible. You also want other drivers to see you. Headlights and taillight’s effectiveness are greatly reduced when they’re covered with winter slush and salt, so keep them clean!

5. Keep Your Tires Happy With Proper Pressure

Tires are essential to poor weather travel. Keep them properly inflated and rotated to ensure they do their job effectively and replace worn tires with low tread. Good tread equals good traction on the road.

Prep Early—Then Relax!

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