Maintaining your brakes is essential if you want your car to stay in top condition. If you aren’t sure that the time has come for maintenance, then heed these five warning signs.

1. The Brake Light is On

When you see that red or yellow brake light on your dashboard, it’s usually a sign that your brakes are starting to wear out. We can determine what the problem is.

2. Odd Noises From the Brakes

If you hear a squealing, screeching or grinding noise when you apply the brake, that can mean a variety of issues. Some are simple fixes like gravel in the brake pad, but others require professional assistance such as worn brake pads or lack of brake fluid.

3. A Soft Brake Pedal

If your brake pedal feels soft or goes to the floor when you use it, you need to get your car to us immediately. This can be a sign of air or moisture in the system, but it can also mean the master cylinder is worn down.

4. Wobbling or Vibration

If you feel a wobble, a vibration or a scraping, that means that there’s a problem with the brake rotor. An uneven rotor can lead to difficulty braking and should be fixed.

5. A Burning Odor While Driving

If you smell something burning after driving and braking on steep roads, that can mean that the brakes are overheating. If it isn’t taken care of, then the brake fluid can boil away leading to a total breakdown.

If you have any of these problems, then contact us at Ferry Farm Repair today. We’ll get your brakes fixed and you back on the road as quickly as we’re able.