If you have been driving your vehicle for a while, you know that something will eventually go wrong. That is a fact of life. Being prepared means that you have checked over your car to see what is an issue and how to fix it. The following are common areas of failure that should be taken care of by a qualified auto shop.

Incorrect tire pressure is a common factor in poor gas mileage. Tire tread that is excessively worn or frequent stops at the fuel pump are signs of this problem. A glance at the sidewalls of your tire is in order. This should tell you what pressure to inflate your tire. This service can be done at an auto repair shop or at home using an air compressor.

Chips in the windshield are dangerous. They can cause catastrophic windshield failure if you are involved in an accident. Having a qualified professional repair the chip can save you big down the road.

Oil Filter
Changing your oil filter makes sure that contaminants do not get into your vehicle systems. We recommend a change every three months or every three thousand miles.

A burned-out headlight is unsafe and may contribute to a nighttime collision. A quick check of your headlights when the vehicle is running is good. Have a qualified auto repair place change your burned-out headlight soon.

These are just some of the common repair items that can pop up. Ferry Farm Repair is happy to offer professional auto repair services for our many customers. Contact us today at (540) 371-4122.