You can feel the autumn approaching with the cooler starts in the morning. It may have even been cool enough to use your car’s heater. Have you noticed that it is not blowing warm air? Does your car heater push out cold air no matter how much you turn up the heat? We understand this issue may be puzzling and alarming. The service team at Ferry Farm Repair, located at 48 Cool Springs Road in Fredericksburg, VA, is here to provide you with some information about what could be behind the issue.

What Are Some Reasons My Car Heater Could Be Blowing Cold Air?

As with most potential car issues, there are several reasons why you could find your car heater blasting cool air instead of the heat you desire. The ASE-certified service technicians at Ferry Farm Repair are experienced, can diagnose the issue for you, and provide you with a high-quality, efficient repair that gets you back on the road as quickly as possible. Some of the possible culprits behind this problem include:

  • Your Coolant Level is Low—One of the major reasons someone finds their car unable to produce hot air is that their coolant level is low. If your coolant is low, it could mean that your heater core is not getting enough warm coolant to produce the kind of heat you want in your car. Low coolant could be caused by a leak in a hose or a head gasket issue.
  • Heater Core Issues—There are many heater core issues that could be contributing to the fact that your car is blowing cool air. First, coolant may not be passing through the heater core correctly because there is a clog. Air from the blower motor may also not be reaching this component. If you notice that the inside of your car is fogging, or that your engine is overheating, this could all be part of the same problem.
  • Thermostat Problem—The thermostat is the way that your car gets notified that the engine is warmed up. Without this alert, coolant will never be sent to your heater core and your car will continue to receive only cool air.

If you are experiencing issues with your vehicle blowing cool air instead of hot, or if you need any other car service or repair, contact the team at Ferry Farm Repair at (540) 371-4122 so our expert team can help you resolve any potential issue.