Many people don’t put much thought into the tires on their vehicle. This is a mistake, since the tires are a very important component in the safe functioning of any vehicle. A vehicle runs at its smoothest and most efficient when the tires are inflated to the proper air pressure. Tires that have incorrect pressure can lead to a number of problems, such as poor handling on the road, premature tread wear, and even complete tire failure.

Steps to Checking Tire Pressure

Checking your vehicle’s tire pressure is a simple task that any vehicle owner can do. Once you have the steps down, you can finish checking the tire pressure in just a few minutes.

1. If possible, take your measurements when the tires are cold. The manufacturer’s specifications for tire pressure are given assuming that the tires are cool at the time of the measurement. Tire are ‘cold’ when they have been stationary for at least three hours, or the vehicle has traveled less than 1 mile.

2. Consult your vehicle’s manual for information regarding recommended air pressure in the front and rear tires, since there is usually a difference between the two. Some tire manufacturers print the recommended pressure directly on the tire itself.

3. Measure and record the air pressure in each tire using a tire pressure gauge, and compare it to the recommended pressure value for the corresponding tire.

4. Any tires that are low should be filled up using an air compressor. Most gas stations have air compressors that can be used for a reasonable price. If the trip to the gas station results in your tires being ‘hot,’ then add 4 PSI to the recommended pressure reading.

How Often Should I Check Air Pressure?

This can vary depending on the particulars of your vehicle, the driving conditions that you experience most of the time, and the age of the tires. Generally speaking, the tire’s air pressure should be checked on a roughly monthly basis. Consider making it a part of your regular vehicle maintenance routine.

For all vehicle maintenance and regular checks, we welcome you to bring your vehicle down to our repair shop. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge needed to help keep your car running in top condition.