One of the most annoying reasons why your car isn’t working could be a rat’s nest. Rodents can wreak havoc on your car, requiring you to find reliable auto repair in Fredericksburg. Luckily, there are a few ways that you can help prevent rodents from entering your car and destroying it.

1. Hide Pet Food Away From Your Car

One of the reasons rodents are attracted to your car is if you have pet food inside or around the car. Rodents will stuff the food inside of the glove box, air cleaner, or any other place they can squeeze themselves into.

Keeping the food away from the car will encourage rodents to look elsewhere for food and shelter.

2. Block Opening and Use Traps

If your car is retired for the winter, then you need to prepare it. Wrap a wire screen around areas that rodents can use to get inside. You’ll also want to place traps in these areas. You can even place a strap on the steering wheel since rodents like to use it in order to get to the engine.

Once the openings are covered and the traps are in place, you’ll keep rodents from ruining your car.

3. Use Noise Deterrent

Rodents hear sounds that we can’t. You can use that to your advantage by using noise deterrents. There are plenty of electronic noise deterrent boxes on the market. Place one inside the hood of your car and inside the car to keep rodents away.

4. Use Car Frequently

Even if you’re retiring your car for the winter, you should still try to use it often. Just starting it up can do the trick. Rodents avoid areas with a lot of human traffic.

Make Your Car Rodent-Free

If your car does end up becoming infested with rodents and you need auto repair, then be sure to take it to Ferry Farm Repair. We’ll clean it up and make sure it’s road-worthy in no time.