Virginia summer temperatures can be hot, but your car shouldn’t be. At Ferry Farm Repair, our auto repair mechanics want to keep your A/C working properly so you can stay cool this summer. There are several methods for keeping your A/C in good working condition.

1. Use the A/C regularly. We suggest turning your A/C on at least once per week for 10 minutes. Having the A/C run can clear up mildew and general staleness from the car’s system. Running the A/C often can also indicate whether your A/C is working properly or needs service.

2. Keep your windows closed. When you run the A/C, keep the windows closed to prevent your car from overworking the unit. Keeping the windows rolled up can ensure the A/C unit works better, longer.

3. Clear away debris. Regularly check the car’s exterior near the grills and windshield for any built-up debris. If left unkept, this debris can make its way into the A/C unit and cause congestion.

4. Get regular checkups by a professional. If your A/C is not working properly or you have concerns about the car’s A/C system, it is always best to seek the help of a professional auto repair mechanic. A mechanic can run a routine diagnostic on the A/C and figure out exactly why your A/C isn’t working up to standards. We highly suggest a routine checkup in older vehicles.

A/C not working properly? Call one of our auto repair mechanics today. At Ferry Farm Repair, we can resolve most A/C issues and will have you cooled off in no time. Give us a call today!