It can be frustrating to realize that your heater at home isn’t working correctly. It can be just as frustrating to realize that your vehicle’s heater has a problem, too. Riding in an overly cold car isn’t exactly the most pleasant experience for anyone. Driving one isn’t fun, either. If you want to be able to identify a car heater that’s problematic, then all of these things can give you a big clue.

Air That’s Lukewarm

Pay attention to the air that’s being released from the vents. Make sure the heater is turned up as high as it can go. If it’s nowhere near warm, then something is most likely amiss with your car’s heating system. A heater core clog may be to blame. A heater core that’s brimming with debris may be to blame as well. Think about heater core flushing if at all possible.

The Absence of Air

The absence of air can also denote a significant issue. If your heater vents aren’t giving off any warm or hot air whatsoever, then something definitely has to give. This may signify that there’s some kind of blower motor issue. If you suspect blower motor troubles, then you need to seek assistance from a capable mechanic as soon as possible.

A Sluggish Heating Unit

Is your vehicle’s heater taking seemingly forever and a day to heat up? If it is, then you need to do something about it. This may denote a heater core that’s soiled and that’s not able to accommodate sufficient amounts of air that’s warm.

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