It doesn’t matter what kind of vehicle you drive, and if you don’t have the correct set of tires, you’re going nowhere! Tires are the vital link between your car and the road and can affect everything from your traction to the handling of your fuel economy. One weak link can break the chain and cause disaster. So, what time is the right time to consider changing your tires?

Let’s see the following scenarios and circumstances that will compel you to have a new set of tires for your precious vehicle.

The Lifespan of the Tire

While it’s not very clear how long a tire should last, on average, it depends on mileage, where after 60,000 to 70,000 miles, a standard set of tires need replacement. In other words, this would be about four to five years. Unfortunately, most people seem to drive on their tires for a lot longer than they should.

Aging tires decreases the vehicle performance and puts you in a dangerous situation. You can always check the manufacture’s date on the tire to determine how long your tires have lasted. If they’re old enough, consider changing before they deflate on you in the middle of the road.

Low Tread Tires

Bald or low-tread tires are as good as no tires at all. Despite risking heavy penalties from the traffic authorities, driving on bald tires increases the risk of a skid and can be very dangerous to you and other road users. On wet roads, the grip of a tire largely depends on its ability to disperse the build-up waters between the Tire and the road. You need to look for a new set of tires with modern tread to give your vehicle a firm grip while driving.

Worn-out Tires

Like low-tread tires, worn-out tires lose grip of the road and can be a source of accidents. Worn-out tires may not necessarily have low tread or over-used. Tires may have several punctures or bursts. If you’ve mend them severally, they will be as good as old.

After a short while, over-repaired tires would reduce performance long before their life span. Worn-out tires need replacement as soon as possible. If you ignore the replacement they may jeopardize to other road users or but you in danger or a car crush.

Change Your Tires Before It’s Too Late

Remember, safety first! There is no formula to calculate how long your tires would last on roads. Some brand last longer while others don’t. Some tires get worn out faster depending on their frequency of use and type of road. So, don’t assume that you just bought new tires so you can’t change them. Watch out for the above signs of changing your tires and change them before they damage the rims or pose danger. Give us a call when the time to change your tires comes!