We’ve all done it. There have been times in the past when we’ve known that our car, truck, or SUV was due for an oil change, but we decided to push it down the road because it wasn’t convenient at the time. It may have even crossed our mind to think that it was “just an oil change,” and we’d get to it later. Oil changes are very important to the life of your engine, and neglecting, or putting them off, can cause costly repairs down the line. Ferry Farm Repair, located at 48 Cool Springs Road in Fredericksburg, VA, is here to discuss a few ways you can tell when you are due for an oil change.

Spotting the Signs So You Can Protect Your Engine

Getting your oil changed at the recommended intervals will ensure that your vehicle’s engine is properly lubricated. This makes sure that the engine doesn’t heat up and that friction is reduced. Regular oil changes also protect your vehicle from the buildup of sludge and dirt. In addition, cars with the recommended oil changes tend to get better fuel economy. If you are wondering whether you need an oil change, here are a few ways you can tell:

  • There is an excessive amount of exhausts coming from your tailpipe
  • Your engine is noisy
  • Your vehicle starts to shake when it is idling
  • The oil change light on your dashboard is illuminated
  • Your oil level is reading low
  • The oil that is currently in your vehicle is dark and gritty

Protect Your Vehicle’s Health

Regular oil changes are one of the simplest, yet most effective, things you can do to make sure your vehicle remains healthy and performing to your satisfaction. Make an appointment with the team at Ferry Farm Repair today by calling 540-371-4122 so you can make sure you car, truck, or SUV gets this very important service.