Buying a new car is one of life’s milestones. And whether you bought a sleek, shiny sports car or a rugged, heavy-duty truck, we know you want to drive it and show it off! Your new car is also something you want to keep looking new for as long as possible. Well, good news! There are a few easy steps you can take to keep your new car looking and running like it just came off the showroom floor.

Here’s our list of things you should do as you rack up the miles:

Read the owner’s manual

Reading your car’s manual will help you get to know your new car, truck, or SUV, so you can keep it well-maintained and running smoothly.

In the manual, you’ll find your car’s required maintenance schedule to keep its warranty intact. Whether you’re due for your 5,000 or 45,000 mile scheduled maintenance, Farm Ferry Repair can help keep you on track!

Check tires and fluids according to the recommended schedule

Fluid levels, like oil and coolant, are extremely important to keep your car running well. Low fluid levels can damage your engine in many ways.

Low tire pressure can affect your car’s gas mileage, its road handling, and can damage the tires themselves. Not sure how to check your tire pressure? Stop into Ferry Farm Repair and we’ll check it for you!

Don’t let minor maintenance items slide

One of the keys to keeping your car, truck, or SUV looking and running like new is to stay on top of minor maintenance items. Keeping fresh wiper blades installed will ensure good visibility in bad weather. Making sure your headlight lenses are properly cleaned will help you see the road. You get the idea. Stay on top of the little things!

Rest assured, we’ve got your back

Finding a mechanic you can trust is hard. Ferry Farm Repair was founded in 1967 and has built a solid reputation over five decades. We provide timely, quality service at a fair price and service customers throughout Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, King George, and Stafford. Visit our website, or call us today at (540) 371-4122 to schedule service. We’ll get you back on the road!