One of the most essential responsibilities of being a car owner is taking your car to the shop for regular oil changes and basic auto repairs. Here at Ferry Farm repair, we understand that no one likes to do it, and we know it is a bit of a hassle. We also know that having oil changes will keep your car running in the best shape possible while out on the road.

Below are five reasons why we need to change our car oil regularly.

  1. Engine Lubrication
  2. Engine Longevity
  3. Removing Sludge
  4. Fuel Efficiency
  5. Longer Lasting Engine

Engine Lubrication – Having the oil changed regularly keeps the engine lubricated as it should be. This keeps the heat from the engine parts from wearing out your engine.

Engine Longevity – Engine parts remain cool with oil changes. This saves the engine from wearing out and keeps it lasting longer.

Removing Sludge – Sludge builds up in the engine over time and will lessen the life of your engine. Additionally, that sludge causes corrosion and leaves old particles remaining in the engine unnecessarily.

Fuel Efficiency – When the oil is changed regularly, we get better fuel efficiency. When the engine is not properly lubricated, it consumes a lot more fuel.

Longer Lasting Engine – Keeping the engine lubricated ensures our engine does not have to work as hard to run. This means all of the parts associated with the engine will last longer as well.

We understand that stopping for oil changes can seem like a hassle. Nevertheless, scheduling an oil change at Ferry Farm Repair is relatively simple to do, and we intend to keep your car in the best running shape as we possibly can. Stop by, call us, or fill out our contact form and schedule an appointment for us to change your oil or help you with any of your auto repair needs.